Protect Your Solar Power Plant Against All Unavoidable & Un-Predictable Risks!

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Thank you for installing a solar power plant on your roof! I hope it must be producing the energy and generating income for you even in this lockdown period. As you are well aware, that solar power plant is the biggest asset. You have worked hard , saved money and installed a solar project on your roof. You must be expecting the solar power plant to have a lifespan at least 20 to 25 years!  Right? 

You must be taking care of Solar Panels by cleaning them regularly.

Have you ever thought of protecting your solar panels from natural disaster or man made damages?

Above unwanted situations can come anytime! Many a time, solar power plant owners have to bear a huge LOSS!


To solve all these problems, we came with an affordable insurance scheme which covers all the damages you can think of!

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Hence, We have tied up with IVY Capital (CHANNEL PARTNER OF ICICI NABARD). We are  committed to Provide policies that are in the interest of our customers. We have developed a special insurance package for Residential Customers having Solar Power plants installed at Subsidize rate through Government. This does not require any lengthy procedures. The policy will protect the Solar Power plant in Most of the Uncertainties .

Unique Features:–  

  • 100% Financial Cover (Including Subsidy Amount)
  •  No Depreciation even at the 24th Year of Plant operation

Special Insurance For Solar Power Plant which cover all the damages you can think of!

Coverage Includes

Any Kind of Flame / Fire due to short circuit or lightning will be included. 

Damage by crowd or any kind of protest, strike or any malicious activity by unknown person or the group.

Any kind of natural wind strom disaster 

During monsoon if lightning strike on solar panel or on your house and it damages the solar plant.

This policy protects against the loss caused due to explosion and implosion.

Due to force on solar panels by any kind of unintentional hammering 

100% insurance cover on any natural disaster 

By terrorist attack 

Additional Cover

Removing cost of debris are also included.

Unintentional damages by vehicle or pat animals will be covered.

Damage due to fire in forest will be covered.

any damage due to earthquake will be covered. 

How to Claim Insurance?



Register your claim

You can call us or directly to IVY for registration of claim along with photos!
It's easy online process & you can track as well.

Fix the plant

Solar EPC will give estimate to Insurance company. Once it get approved, Solar EPC will fix the project and will raise Invoice.

Get The Money

On approval of Invoice you will get all the money along with generation loss during these claim process period.

Insurance Starting at 2400 INR for 5 years!!

No Hidden Cost!

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