This 9 KW Solar Plant is in Adajan, Surat. This site was successfully installed after so many revisions and corrections. We have discussed it with our clients and work upon it. Every project needs professional designing to understand the project in-depth. There are 5 reasons for providing design to our customers. While designing, it was noticed that the leg of the stand was in the middle. Then after redesigning, we solve this difficulty and came-up with scissor shape stands. After that while installation, J-bolt was not fitting on that purlin. So, what we did is we go for mechlay menkelane instead of J-bolt. But, in that our team has observed that there arises a shortage of purlin. This mechlay menkelane were occupying 2-2 inches more space.

9 Kw Solar Plant
Solar Plant Before Installing
9 KW Solar Plant
Solar Plant after Installing

Then again, the project was revised and purlin was re-welded. Then J-bolt was fit it accordingly. This project was completed within 3 days and successfully installed the solar plant. This 9 kW Solar plant is the on-grid project. To Know More Click Here. Our client was satisfied with our efforts and now happily using their solar energy.