Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will I get in free trial?

You will get free 3D walk through video of solar power plant (Max up to 10 KW) for your first solar project with us.

2. What are major benefits I get from Heaven Solar?

1. While designing the solar power plant, we focus on max. power generation, Better quality and cost optimization.

2. We have done almost all type of solar projects for our client which will help us to create WIN-WIN situation for everyone.

3. You can focus on business development and new EPC project leads, we will provide you design and engineering support. this way your business will grow faster.

3. Why solar electrical design is important?

We check quality of Solar panel by looking at solar cell datasheet and technical parameters of the Inverter. And As per site condition we calculate the string size, cable size which helps to harvest maximum energy from solar power plant. Electrical design will give you to understand solar power plant technical parameters in detail.

4. Why structure design is necessary?

Well designed structure will sustain in extreme situations. While designing structure we consider parameters like stability, durability & cost. And we keep balance between all three.

5. How 3D walk through video can help me?

1. It will help you to find the exact capacity of the site.

2. you can have complete view of shadow with real time clock

3. you will get basic structure design with steel weight

4. Beautiful 3D walk through video make your presentation more attractive and will help you to close the deals.

6. How accurate is shadow analysis?

Shadow analysis is 97% accurate, we consider location of the solar plant on earth and shortest day & longest day of the year which helps to produce more accurate results

7. How will online design portal help me?

Our online portal is a web based software. You can download any of your project anytime with your unique ID-password. you can create new project , give inputs and monitor the progress.

8. How do you work? What is your workflow?

Step 1 : Sign-up on our portal and upload the site survey data.

Step 2 : Our technical team will analyze the data and will provide suitable solution.

Step 3 : you can monitor the project progress and give your inputs.

Step 4 : Download your project from portal.

9. Is there any guarantee to get approval from CEI?

We have worked in almost all state of India. Our technical design will full fill all the required parameters. So we are giving 100% guarantee of approval.

10. What data do you require to start the project?

Very basic data like google location, 2D site survey layout and site video.

11. What about the confidentiality of the project?

We are committed to keep your project confidentiality and will sign the agreement for it.

12. What benefits will I get by referring your service to other company?

For each successful refer, you will get 50 KW – 3D design credit on portal. you can use it for your future projects.

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